Sunday, 13 September 2009

A2 Media Coursework

My A2 coursework will be a 5 minute film, which i will be making along side Stuart Sharples

Our film will have two main themes, these are surviellance and modern society.

The film will hopefully represent how peoples privacy is neglected because they will always be monitored,. whether it is by people or machine. This film will show the many ways in which people are "followed" during their day to day activities, also we will atempt to represent why people are continuously monitored.

To give the impression that in modern society everyone is being watched by someone else we will use a variety of camera shots and techniques to portray the suspious characteristics of the modern man . . . or women. One of the techniques we will use is the use of CCTV footage.

To begin the film we will have use archive footage and CCTV footage to establish the scene and tone of the movie. By using this footage we hope that the audience will understand what we are trying to show in this film straight from the start.
For a film to make continuitical sence it must have a begining, middle and end, however our moive will challenge this theory in that a movie can have a begining, middle and end but not in that order. In our film, after the archive footage, we will start with a important scene that is situated towards the end of the story then when shall flash back to the start where it will build up to the scene shown before.

In more detail, after the archive footage we will start with an establishing shot of an ordinary street. We then see a police car speed past with its flashing lights (the police car will represent the police that is linked with CCTV). When the police car has gone we see an average male walking round a corner into the shot. This character will be carrying a laptop in a case. We will have diagetic sound of the street and the man's ipod music.

We will then film a women opening her curtains onto the street that the man is on. We then cut to a POV shot of the women's view of the street, we see the man walking and we also see a white van near by. Then we cut to a medium shot of the man in the street, this is followed by a cross focus to the white van and those inside. Next we see the men in the van looking at the picture of the man in the street. Then we cut back to the POV shot of the women at her window (this will act as a master shot) where we see the van pull up next to the man in the street and him get bundled into the van. As the van speeds off we fade to white.
from then on we fade back into the events that lead up to the man's kidnapping using various techniques to represent a CCTV society. Once we reach the part in the story that we showed at the begining we unfold the truth.

The target audience we will aim this film at is ages 18 - 30. We believe that this would appeal mostly to those who are from a working class background because of the tone of the film. Also our film will intrest those familliar with crime movies and have intrests in modern day society and the secrets behind it.

The genre this film falls under is a crime drama. This is because the movie will explore a variety of emotional receptors to react in different ways to a majority of our taget audience. Because we will feature many suspence filled scenes alongwith a kidnapping it is reasonable to call this film crime related.

Our film would be most similar to television whows such as 24 and spooks, this is because they both deal with smart crimes and even smarter solutions. Movies that may share technical attributes are "Eagle Eye" and "Enemy of the State".
Institutions that would be interested with a film like ours are Dreamworks and Touchstone because these both have funded and supported films with the same themes. Also with the film having future teleivision prospects the BBC may be interested in airing it.

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  1. Makes interesting reading, well written. The key concepts are explored in less detail than required for your target grade though. You need to fully explore each key concept and refer to actual theory surrounding that concept to fulfil your potential. Fantastic start on the synopsis though.