Monday, 1 March 2010

Target Audience Profile

Who are the target audience for short films ?
Using the VALS system the type of people that would watch short films are Achieves and Experiencers. This is because the Achievers have already made a career and strive to improve youths and working with new and up and coming talent, the Experiencers are young and like new things, also because short films are not long they can get a quick novelty.

Who are the target audience for the films you looked at ?
3/4 film i looked at had more of a young male appeal to
them, this is because they featured alot of violence and had more of an "in your face" approach. he forth film i watched represented the same things as he others but had a different approach. "Being Bad" featured no violence but still portrayed youths in the same way, this means it can be appreciated more widely by both sexes and of a larger age range.

Who are you making your film for ?
Our film is targeted at a specific demographic. Our film would appeal mostly to a young male audience, this is because from film research it is visible that films that share characteristics with ours have a wide male audience.

How will you measure your success in having made a product which appeals to this audience ?
We can measure the success of our film in several ways. Firstly, and the easiest way to gain comments on our film would be to ask our peers. We would show them and then ask for there opinion. This is a good way of measuring how well the film has done because our fellow peers fit into our target audience categories. Also we could post our video on a Youtube or similar websites to get a broader opinion and using this way we can truly get an understanding of who our actual audience are.

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